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About Kishwild
Hello! Thanks for checking out my website. I'll keep the bio short, I have grown up in northern Illinois, originally from Dekalb and lived in Rockford most my life. I have been photographing the northern Illinois area for 8 years now, and most of my work is here on this site. I decided to call the site kishwild as short for Kishwaukee Wilderness. The Kishwaukee River runs near my home and the numerous forest preserves along it are a beautiful wilderness to photograph and explore.
Enjoy the site!
     Jason Ross

A summary of what is here and services:
All photos are availabe for pretty much any use.
Photographic Prints are also available in many sizes. For more info, visit the Photographic Prints page
The site hosts a large collection of landscape and wildlife photography of the northern Illinois area.
Some other areas covered include Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Wyoming, South Dakota, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, and Ecuador.
The search database now contains over 3,000 photographs searchable by keywords!
Please contact Jason if you have any questions: or Phone: 1-815-298-6147

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